Monthly Archives: March 2014

Innovative Industrial Shrink Wrap Provider

Complete Plastic Solutions is formed! A new innovative solutions business has been formed to support the fading industry of industrial shrink Wrap Containment. Established to remain completely unbiased for its clients Complete Plastic Solutions will offer Material Sales/Install support and training to industrial users. By building a network of installers using the VERISAFE® products, access to installation should be...
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RAFALE Shrink Wrap gun distributor

Complete Plastic Solutions have been appointed as the U.K. distributor of Guilbert Express products. Supporting the shrink wrap installation products Complete Plastics will distribute the RAFALE Black Edition & Black Edition + to its clients and support warranty claims purchased from Complete Plastics in the U.K. These premium guns are manufactured to a high standard and to...
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Installation facts and Questions

Never used Shrink Wrap find out some of the challenges to prepare for in advance.

This area is a regular questions area and hopefully answers some of the Questions that are obvious to already experienced installers but not so obvious to the inexperienced contractor having to answer to their clients.


1. My installers have called explaining the...
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