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New Distribution Agreement EMIS Shrink Wrap Materials

Complete Plastics Solutions are industry experts within the Shrink Wrap Encapsulation market and are respected world wide by clients and suppliers. To help further the industry material offering Complete Plastics have agreed an exclusivity agreement with Emis® France to distribute Plastizem the Industrial focused Shrink Wrap material which is currently one of the top performing materials...
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Complete Plastics Become Distributor of APP Shrink Wrap Materials

Complete Plastics are highly experienced in providing Industrial Shrink Wrap products & solutions for clients and identifying the correct products for the projects and clients. Due to our experience Argos Packaging & Protection have appointed Complete Plastics as the U.K.  sole distributor of their products in the U.K. Complete Plastics provide Material/Consultation and align projects with our...
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Industrial shrink -It’s now even easier to find Complete Plastic Solutions

It's now even easier to find Industrial Shrink Wrap material. Complete Plastic solutions now own  - which will make it even easier to find Industrial shrink wrap materials and solutions. Contact us for any material sales/installation support or training enquiries.     ...
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Installation facts and Questions

Never used Shrink Wrap find out some of the challenges to prepare for in advance.

This area is a regular questions area and hopefully answers some of the Questions that are obvious to already experienced installers but not so obvious to the inexperienced contractor having to answer to their clients.


1. My installers have called explaining the...
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