Contracting Solutions Network



Complete Plastics Solutions can offer a contracting solution.

We are dedicated in providing access to the Shrink Wrap Installation Industry and we strive in allowing it to become more accessible then ever before, we understand how difficult it can be to find a suitable contractor who can service a requirement in every corner of the U.K. and Ireland short notice using the best products available.

Due to our network of approved Installers we have access to a network unmatched by any competitor where we can refer clients directly, our partners will provide quotations and support locally.

Our goal is to align clients and installers providing a local service across the U.K.

Contact us with your enquiry and we will refer you directly to the nearest installer.

Why choose a Complete Plastics Solutions supplier?

  • Our partners use Complete Plastics materials – VERISAFE® /EMIS Plastizem or APP Plastics– The most advanced plastics in the world.
  • Locally based installers – We can provide local installers, reducing the complication of distant installers having to return to make repair and variations.
  • Reducing the cost of installation – Local installers don’t carry the overhead of travel and accommodation so in most cases a saving will be likely when compared to using a single positioned business in the U.K.