Industrial Shrink Wrap

Who We Are

Complete Plastic Solutions is the most experienced dedicated material supplier to the industrial shrink-wrap industry; we take an innovative approach in supplying world leading materials and services for installers in the U.K and Europe.

Our offering is unique within the industry due to our management holding first hand contracting experience managing some of the largest installation’s throughout Europe, the most important element of supplying a service is understanding the customers requirements and being able to advise and supply the right materials for the job.

Our business has been built on long term relationships with suppliers and a commitment to them to ensure their products are used correctly and efficiently acting as an after sales service provider to the customer.

Our services are simple

  • Providing world leading Shrink Wrap products to the industry
  • Providing clients access to a network of installers using industry leading materials
  • Sharing new innovative solutions and installation methods with our clients tried and tested from installers around the world – Example: Providing typical scaffold design drawings to assist in installation requirements.
  • Providing client training in how to install our products providing the basic method of installation and scaffold requirements.

Our History


Complete Plastics is the most experienced service provider within the shrink-wrap encapsulation Industry, built from management who have managed some of the largest encapsulation projects in Europe it was created to provide a valuable support service to existing & new installers looking for innovative material products and installation support.

We often hear from clients who have been instructed to use shrink-wrap containment by main contractors such as Network Rail and contracting companies providing scaffold access who are required to source a solution but have no experience in the product or the process of installation.

Leading Position

Our aim is to maintain a leading position within the U.K. in supporting the growth of this innovative containment system but offering complete transparency in the benefits/sourcing/installation and limitations of the materials.

Complete Plastics is a respected partner with leading suppliers and installers all over the world, by sharing our knowledge we can provide a service our competitors would struggle to achieve.

Largest Installation Companies

Experienced in managing one of the largest installation companies in Europe we offer a non-bias consultation service in supplying the correct materials for the contract and also happy to arrange a contractor solution for those who are looking for a reliable supplier local to their location.

The Best of Professionals

  • Scott Barton

    Company owner and founder of Complete Plastic Solutions originally Divisional manager of...

  • Gommaar Timmerman

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