Our Materials – VERISAFE®

Complete Plastics are the material distributor of VERISAFE® products for the U.K. and Ireland and are unique in having 1st hand working experience with the product, we have many years contracting experience working with Solicom directly the producer of VERISAFE®, following advances over this working period it has proven itself as the most advanced product available in the market place.

To understand its benefits in more details contact us to explain how our materials will improve the installation process and prolong the life of your installation.

We stock further grades of materials, as we know that sometimes our client’s budgets and requirements do not dictate a premium material.

Industrial Flame retardant Shrink Wrap

  • 320 Micron Flame retardant to LPS 1215/1207
  • 300 Micron Flame retardant material EN 13501 b, S1, d0
  • 280 Micron Flame retardant to LPS 1215/1207

LPS certification – LPS is an accreditation few materials can claim to hold, it is one of the highest and most trusted certifications ensuring that flame damage is limited and not absorbed and transferred by the burning of the plastic.

A material holding the LPS certification is one of the safest materials regarding flame retardant capability and approved by insurance companies for use.

Industrial grade non-flame retardant Materials

  • 300 Micron Non flame retardant
  • 280 micron Non flame retardant
  • 250 Micron Non flame retardant