Bayfordbury Mansion

Bayfordbury Mansion was originally built in 1759 for Sir William Baker, a wealthy merchant of the time, with alterations being made in the early nineteenth century by renowned architect Francis Aldehouse. This grand classical mansion house had been converted into 5 individual apartments 5 years ago however due to further restoration requirements the external face and roofs required substantial work to bring them back to their original standard.

This work had to be carried out during the winter months causing concerns with temperature control and water ingress.

Industrial Shrink Wrap was chosen to be the only method suitable in supporting such a large-scale project.

Verisafe materials were used to contain the entire building providing a suitable level of containment allowing the trades to remove the roofs and strip the external faces of the building.

During the renovation the building experienced periods where storms produced gale force winds with speeds reaching in excess of 100mph

SCA ProTect installed the encapsulation and they were successful in providing a high standard of installation, enough to withstand conditions previously unrecorded in the U.K.

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