Belval Industrial Project

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  • Belval-4

Belval is a quarter and neighbourhood in the west of Esch-sur-Alzette, in south-western Luxembourg. Belval is the site of the large steelworks that dominate the city. Due to the dominance of the steelworks, Belval suffered from the abandonment of steel production in Luxembourg, and is undergoing an extensive regeneration programme to help diversify beyond steel production. The redevelopment plan, costed at €450m, will turn the brownfield site into a large scientific and cultural centre, including the science faculty of the University of Luxembourg.

To preserve the steelwork heritage of Belval the entire remaining facility was treated with a preserving lacquer, which would prevent further rusting taking place.

To carry out this process it required weather protecting to allow the application process to take place.

VERISAFE shrink wrap materials were chosen to provide the environment required, following installation of the first phase the facility became famous for having some of the largest industrial containment systems within Europe demonstrating the full potential of Industrial shrink wrap.

Installing in excess of 45,000m2

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