Qatar Yacht Shrink Wrap Encapsulation Solution

Complete Plastics have industry leading experience in managing and completing projects around the world, when we were contacted by a global access organisation to provide a solution where 2 identical super yachts could be painted side by side without any conflict we were only too happy to support and provide crucial installation services to ensure a smooth experience.

Complete Plastics commenced immediately in supporting by reviewing all access design drawings and making necessary design changes ensuring that an efficient install could take place.

Followed by the provision of suitable materials all exact good were calculated and shipped in advance of the project commencing.

All planning had been made to ensure a smooth programme of works and followed by designed top hat crane points to enable ease of lifting equipment in and out of the structure.

Coupled with experienced labour provision the project demanded 12,000m2 to be installed within 14 days

With all project requirements managed we were successful in delivering ahead of schedule and ahead of budget.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0733. Qatar 2IMG_4931

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