Projects 2

  • Weather Protection Provided Using VERISAFE Industrial Shrink Wrap Materials

    Weather Protection Provided Using VERISA

    Cliveden Mansion has recently received a protective Containment Solution to carry out works throughout the Winter period. Due to the...

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  • Jade Industrial – Top Oil tank encapsulation

    Jade Industrial – Top Oil tank enc

    Complete Plastic Solutions have successfully assisted Jade Industrial Contracting in Ireland to fully contain 2 Oil tanks for scheduled blasting....

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  • Kaefer C&D Sellafield

    Kaefer C&D Sellafield

    KAEFER C&D offers a unique range of industrial services, delivered by experienced and multi-disciplined specialists, right across the UK KAEFER...

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  • Rig Encapsulation

    Rig Encapsulation

    Invergordon Dock had experienced a number of projects involving offshore equipment which had arrived to have large scale refurbishment but...

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  • Olympic Aquatic Centre

    Olympic Aquatic Centre

    Following the success of the London Olympics the challenge to convert the facilities into the Queen Elizabeth Park commenced and...

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  • Bayfordbury Mansion

    Bayfordbury Mansion

    Bayfordbury Mansion was originally built in 1759 for Sir William Baker, a wealthy merchant of the time, with alterations being...

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  • Snibston Discovery Park

    Snibston Discovery Park

    In 1830, George Stephenson and his son Robert were supervising the construction of the Leicester to Swannington Railway. They saw...

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  • Petworth House Gates

    Petworth House Gates

    Petworth house is a National Trust managed estate and requires continual restoration within the estate and grounds. Surrounding the main...

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