Training and Support

Complete Plastic Solutions provide basic training of Industrial Shrink Wrap installation.

In most cases an experienced installer will provide contracting services however we understand that there are requirements to train clients enabling the contracting activity to remain an internal service.

This might be due to limited access for contractors in restricted areas or simply location dictating a delayed lead in period for a contractor response; Complete Plastic Solutions fully understand the reasons why and can provide a tailored service in providing basic training in the application of Shrink Wrap Installation and ongoing support.

Contents of training,

  • Introduction to Material and tools
  • Pre installation preparation – scaffold/material
  • Suitable Material selection
  • Weather control/preparation
  • Installation training
  • Localized environmental awareness and working
  • Fully certificated in basic training and material understanding

Our training services can vary depending on requirement and competence however we suggest a minimum of 2-3 days to enable familiarization with the process and techniques.

This will provide basic training in the application and installation; a contractor should always support more challenging requirements until a competency has been obtained.

Examples of contractor support

  • Carrying out Network Rail installations can be challenging under controlled conditions – We can offer installation tips.
  • Roof installation can be complicated due to the unknown upward wind impacts – Span limitations and capabilities can be advised.
  • Large installations requiring careful span consideration depending on life expectancy, installation techniques can extend the life of the material.